Johnson County Wastewater
Sewer Backup Response Questionnaire
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4. What was the most recent date you experienced a sanitary sewer backup? :

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5. Have you experienced water in your basement from surface water flooding? :

6. If the answer to question five was yes, please indicate the source :

7. What was the extent of the most recent sewer backup? :


8. What was the extent of the most severe sewer backup? :


What was the date of the most severe sewer backup:
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9. Please indicate the source of the most severe sewer backup :

10. Is your home equipped with either of the following devices? :

11. Have any modifications been completed on your property to remedy the sanitary sewer backup problem? :

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12. Have any of your neighbors experienced a sewer backup during a rain event?

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13. Please provide any additional information you deem relevant:

14. Have you contacted the Federal Emergency Manamement Agency (FEMA) or any other agency to inquire about flood damage assistance or mitigation?

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